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unshine International Shipper is made up of principals with over 30 years in the shipping business backed up by associates with over 100 years in the business. This gives it the ability to bring a wide array of knowledge to resolving any logistical issues and ensure that your shipping is trouble free.

This company was born out of a desire to raise the level of shipping services in the community. Having witness first hand the suffering and disappointments that shippers experience with uncaring companies, the desire to create a caring, service oriented company became a dream of the principals that culminated in the formation of a company to bring a new level of excellence to the industry.

Shipping with Sunshine, as we are familiarly known, brings peace of mind and an assurance that your shipment is being treated with the utmost care and attention. v We know that there is a better way to ship and that is what we are offering.

For a reasonable cost we will ship your goods in a timely manner, track them to their destination and notify you of the progress of your shipment.

Thinking of relocating? As part of our excellent service we offer free estimates of the cost of shipments and you can depend on us to cheerfully give you free advice on how to prepare for and finally complete your relocation. Once engaged, we will be with you every step of the way until you are on your way.

We want to be the company you go to when you want your shipping to be free of worry. We intend to make your bad shipping experiences a thing of the past. Take a walk in the Sunshine and feel the warmth.

Core Values

Warmth: In keeping with our name we will exude warmth in all our dealing with the public, our business partners and each other.

Integrity: We will practice good moral values at all times. We will practice good business ethics.

Service: We will strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Excellence: We will provide excellent service to our customers.

Respect: We will respect our customers, our business partners and each other.


Our main goal is to provide air and ocean transportation of our customers goods. We facilitate their shipments and do so as speedily as we can.

We will provide convenient pickup and delivery and provide facilities for receipt of their shipments. Where necessary we will sell containers for their goods and advise them on proper shipping procedures.

We will provide our services at a fair price to make a profit and provide decent wages and salaries to our workers.

We will build our business with honesty, integrity and hard work while providing an excellent service to our customers.

SFI - Strategy, Forethought and Insight



600 - Bayview Avenue,

Inwood, NY 11096

Tel (NY): (718) 701-1077 | Tel (Out of State): 1 (866) 227-7870  | Fax:(347) 214-8630

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